For evidence one need look no further than Cuomo declaring

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Two of Tammy trans friends some how saw the conversation and

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His T shirt asked: ‘Why Always Me?’ it’s because of training

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This is because the blood settles in the lowest part of our

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Crypto trading platforms like coinbase might be compelled to

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It’s the same war that killed Jane Creba in 2005

Slager said during his trial that he felt “total fear” as Scott charged toward him. He also claimed that Scott had grabbed his Taser and intended to fire it. “I see him with a Taser in his hand as I see him spinning around,” Slager said. So much had happened in Ephron’s life since she graduated the heartbreak that led to Heartburn, the brilliant essays, the screenplays for Silkwood and When Harry Met Sally and a dozen other films. It was a tornado of a life, and she embraced it. Her speech celebrated feminism, and accomplishment, and my favourite part the chaos and too muchness of life.

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